Sourced from a pre-historic meteor site

500 million years ago, near the modern day Lithuanian SPA town of Druskininkai, a meteorite with a diameter of 0.5km crashed into earth. The explosion destroyed an underground layer of crystal rock and created conditions for ancient mineral streams to break to the surface. HERMIS mineral water bore is situated within this pre-historic meteor crater site.

Unique taste and mineral qualities

Hermis water has a medium level of mineralization - 1355mg/l. It is more than simple drinking water (on average, 200-400 mg/l) and perfect for everyday consumption, especially when replenishing lost minerals after a physical activity. Higher level of chlorides (Cl – 520mg/l) gives Hermis a slightly saltier taste.

Awarded by experts and valued by athletes

In 2014, Hermis water was awarded 2 gold stars (87 points out of 100) by the panel of experts at the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) – one of the most coveted awards in the sector. Hermis is also proud to be the mineral water of choice for the Lithuanian National Athletics team.


Mineral water

Mineral water

According to the European Union requirements, mineral water must remain the same as that formed in the nature, it cannot be diluted, mixed, filtered or otherwise processed. The area around the source is strictly protected from any industrial activity.

Depending on the amount of minerals dissolved in the water, the mineral water can be divided into three groups:


Low-mineralization water (total mineralization of less than 500 mg/l) has a relatively small concentration of dissolved minerals and is comparable to an average tap water.


Medium-mineralization water (total mineralization between 500 mg/l and 1500 mg/l) has a greater concentration of dissolved minerals. It is suitable for everyday consumption and perfect for replenishing lost minerals.


High-mineralization water (total mineralization of more than 1500 mg/l) can have medical properties, depending on the structure of mineral composition, but everyday use is not recommended.